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Research & Development

As well as researching global design and safety trends, HotShot have adopted a successful direct customer feedback network as a major component of their research and development strategy. Dedicated to improving products and expanding their range, who better to involve in the R&D process than those who observe it’s daily use.

This active research and development component provides HotShot and their products with a powerful point-of-difference, setting them apart from mass produced products which have flooded the NZ market in recent years. In addition, their emphasis on creating prototypes and testing product rigourously for the conditions to which they will be exposed ensures customers receive user-friendly, safe, long lasting value for their investment.

Combined with investment in state-of-the-art workshop equipment, quality-driven manufacturing processes, and a focus on low volume-high quality production output, HotShot aims for peak performance in the manufacture of their sports equipment.