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The Team

At Hotshot we have built a strong and loyal team. Each team member contributes a unique set of skills and talent that enables us to create innovative & practical products that exceed our clients expectations. Couple this with second-to-none service and back-up, and your on the right team.


Roger Forsyth

Off the wall about all sport

Roger Forsyth, Company Director, has a burning desire to create the best, custom-made sports equipment possible. He works smart and sharp to get it right, everytime. A self-confessed 'sports nut' his work, and all sport are his greatest passions, after his family.

Roger is a retired New Zealand Tennis Coach turned sports-equipment maker, passionate about lifting the quality of New Zealand sports equipment in school playgrounds right through to top of the line tennis nets, rugby goals and netball hoops.

A great people-person he knows how to choose the right people to work on his team, which is reflected in the productivity and drive that is apparent at his factory.

His belief that being in open communication with a customer, either over the phone or face-to-face, is the key to the customer getting what they need. Hence he is more likely to phone you, or come and meet you, than he is to answer your email.


Gareth Phillipson

The Engineer and Fisherman

Gareth Phillipson has had a passion for design as long as he has had a passion for fishing.
That makes him a damn good fisherman and an excellent production engineer.
Gareth and his colleague Roger Forsyth have worked alongside each other often during their respective careers and as good planning would have it, the two now work as a team at Hotshot.

An integral part of the business, Gareth's extensive experience in quality-control, production engineering and fabrication, research and development, makes for a highly productive partnership.

Focused and single-minded about quality and safety, Gareth thrives on the creative side of the job, embracing the many design challenges that come his way.

Gareth was a keen supporter of his son Vaughan's mountain biking career (he was the under 19 NZ Mountain bike Champion in 2000), and experienced first hand the frustration felt due to equipment failure during competition. Gareth's answer to that was to always aim at designing and engineering better, safer, and more efficient sports equipment.

We are privileged to have Gareth on-board. Family, fishing and a job he is passionate about.
Now that's well engineered!


Joy Forsyth

Partner and part time worker

Joy has been with Hotshot from its earliest days. She is an integral member of the business and currently assists in the dispatch and packaging warehouse.

Joy has a passion for family and loves to bike ride during her spare time. The nature of business at Hotshot suits Joy, she is a keen sports fan and loves to watch a variety of summer and winter sports. You will also find her frequently on the volleyball court exercising her skills.